Words that work harder

Telling your story shouldn’t be a struggle. 

You need words that connect with your chosen audience, speak to them in a language they relate to, plug into their pain points, and reflect their values back to them.

Effective copy persuades people to take the actions you want them to take: click the link, pick up the phone, buy the product, visit the venue, make the donation, follow, share or like the post.

From the headline to the words on the contact form, great copy creates an unmistakable online impression and makes your marketing collateral work much harder.

Copywriting services include:

Why choose me for copywriting?

Clients work with me because my writing achieves what it sets out to do.

You may be talking to a customer, an employee, an investor, a client or a competitor — but first and foremost I write for them as human beings.

That means my writing is jargon-free and communicates on a simple and direct level. If your target audience finds your message hard to penetrate, they’ll give up reading. So the effort and expense is wasted.

I can write for any medium and audience. I can communicate how your product or service makes people’s lives better, and make sure they know exactly why — and how — they should respond.

I am a member of ProCopywriters: the alliance of commercial writers.

Mary is fantastic to work with. A true professional who is diligent and meticulous. She grasps who we are and what our narrative should be with ease, which makes our job so much easier.

Kevin Wood, director, Oak Four Financial Planning

Mary is one of the best creative copywriters around. With her eloquent style, she is a natural at making topics sound remarkably interesting, and she always delivers on time.

Juliet Betterton, managing director, betterpr

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