More than words

I’ll tell the world what makes you tick


Looking for something different? So am I.  

I delight in unearthing the nugget of uniqueness in your product or service, and getting to the heart of what makes your organisation distinctive.

I grasp the fundamentals of what makes you you, and communicate that concisely, creatively and effectively.

I don’t focus on a particular sector. This means I’m not burdened with the Curse of Knowledge – I won’t assume anything about your brand or your audience and will come to each project with fresh eyes.

I can turn my hand to most projects. But I specialise in writing corporate reports, websites and editorial copy.



Can I help you?

Very probably – and especially if you:

So who am I?

I’m Mary Whitehouse. I called my business ‘Word Service’ because I knew people Googling my name probably wouldn’t find me that way.

I’ve always been good with words. I was one of those people at school who wrote stories to order for their friends.

I left uni knowing that I had to write for a living and eventually bagged a job as a copywriter in an ad agency. A decade later I was PR Director of a B2B marketing consultancy before deciding the time was right to go it alone.  

Most of my clients come to me as a referral from other clients. They stay with me because I’m an intuitive writer, incredibly helpful, understand their purpose and thrive on collaborative working.

I’m based in Stourbridge, near Birmingham in the UK. When I’m not working, I’m walking my dog on the local hills, taking pictures of clouds, eating chocolate and browsing holiday websites.

How working with me helps others

My business is a member of B1G1 Business for Good. For every project I complete on behalf of a client, I donate a percentage of my fee to support worthwhile projects around the world.

Think I could help? Get in touch.

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