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Does your business name matter?

What you call a business matters, even if you’re a one-person set-up. A lot of freelancers start their business using their own name, especially if they never intend to become an employer. Others take a different route. Which works best?

Freelancing: what to do when it all goes quiet

Freelancing as a copywriter is brilliant - but it's a rollercoaster. So what do you do when things go quiet? Tips for finding work and keeping sane.

Adjectives, please form an orderly queue

Turns out there's a rule that makes sure you get your adjectives the right way round, and It's called Order Force.

Why stories are better than stats

How to make a complex point in a simple way

Why play hard to get with your handsome prince?

You want people to find their way round your website? Don't make them hack through a forbidden forest.

Mind your language

How a tweet from a Guardian journalist set me off on a voyage of discovery into Gen Z-speak

Press releases: all you need to know

How to write, format and send a press release so it will be picked up by the media

The freelance choice: sole trader or limited company?

One of the biggest decisions a freelancer faces: to be a sole trader or form a limited company. A post outlining the pros and cons.

Guest blog: No pictures, please! (Or the ‘editorial use’ trap)

Stock photos are fine to use in your online content, right? In most cases, sure - but check for the 'editorial use' clause. A guest post by US investment writer Wendy J. Cook.

New website? Ten questions to ask your writer, your developer and yourself

Does the thought of a new website for your business make your eyes glaze over or send you screaming for the hills? If so, fear not. Here are ten questions to ask (with answers) before you even start.

Selling a complex product? Why you should hire a copywriter.

Do you spend time you can't afford writing your own website and sales brochures because you imagine your product or service is too complicated for someone else to do it? Try hiring a professional copywriter - you'd be surprised how much we can understand.

GDPR and email marketing: what do I actually need to do?

GDPR is designed to harmonise EU data regulations and protect individuals from companies misusing their data. Get it wrong and it could result in big fines. Here's how to make sure you keep on the right side with your email marketing.

Not enjoying Blue Monday? Cheer up!

Is it even a day if it's not an official awareness day? Blue Monday might be one of the most miserable - but there are loads more that will make you smile, like World Naked Gardening Day and Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Going it alone: ten top tips for starting your freelance copywriting business

If you're thinking of starting a copywriting business - or any freelance business - there are a few things it would be REALLY helpful to know before you begin. Luckily for you, I've summarised them in this handy top tips article.

A word about target markets

If you're trying to persuade technical people to buy something, should you speak to them in technical language? Or is it better to talk like a human?

The people who put the Twit into Twitter

Why you should remember to engage your brain and check what you're writing before you post about your brand on Twitter.