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First things first.

If you want to discuss a potential job, head over to my contact form to leave a message or book a no-obligation 30-minute phone call or online meeting.

Let me know briefly what you’re looking to achieve (for example, a new website, a corporate report, an article, proofreading your book) so I can be sure I’m able to help.

I may send you a short questionnaire before we talk, to get an idea of the scope of your project, your objectives and timescales.

Once we’ve established what you need, I’ll send you an outline proposal and quote and help you define a brief that I can work from.

After that, everything is chargeable. This could include preparing detailed proposals – including competitor research, timing plans, media research and schedules, for example – everything that needs to be done before I start writing.

How we work together


This is how I handle one-off copywriting, PR or comms jobs.

You have an outcome you wish to achieve – a website, a brochure, a report, a strategy to launch a new product, for example – and I give you a quote and a timeline for the whole project.

The clock is off – you’ll know from the beginning what the price will be.

Before I start work, I’ll ask you to pay a deposit of 50% (or 100% for smaller jobs). The fee will include two sets of edits. If you change your mind and change the brief, the required editing will be subject to new charges.


Looking for a series of blog posts or case studies? A pre-paid package gives you the same quality for a reduced per-item cost.


A retainer is the best way to handle an ongoing long-term contract and is generally the way I work with clients who use me for lots of different activities – like an outsourced marketing consultant, for example.

We agree a fixed monthly fee based on a set number of hours and commit to that for at least three months, with a review period built in.

I keep track of the time I spend working on your business to make sure it accurately reflects what you’re paying. If it goes over, we can either agree that I charge the extra at my current hourly rate, or roll it into the following month and review every quarter, adjusting the fee if necessary.

With a monthly retainer, you know how much you are spending every month and can budget accordingly. And it means I can handle the relationship building and admin that’s part-and-parcel of PR or ongoing consultancy.

Day and hourly rates

If you’d like to book me for a set number of days, no problem. My current day rate is £600. I’ll quote a day or hourly rate (£80) if you want me to pop in to assist with a focus group or workshop, or attend an exhibition or event.


Every job is different, so I’ll provide a bespoke quote once we’ve had a chat and agreed on an approach.

If you’d like a rough idea of what your project could cost, check out my example prices page.


I usually work remotely from my home office or coworking space, but I’m happy to come and work in-house if that’s best for you.

I charge travel expenses if I’m working on your behalf. Mileage to third parties is charged at the prevailing HMRC rate. Train fares, hotel accommodation, subsistence and out-of-pocket expenses are charged at cost.

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