Terms of Business

What you can expect when you work with me

I will work with you diligently and faithfully and endeavour to promote your best interests.

Quoted fees are valid for 30 days from date of submission. After that I reserve the right to alter them without notice.

Payment terms:

Work shall be deemed to be completed and a final invoice will be issued if no feedback is received within 14 days of submission of any draft or proof (unless otherwise agreed in advance).

Up to two sets of reasonable corrections or revisions to the first draft copy (and design if applicable) is included in the price quoted. Any amends must be advised within 14 days. After this, they become chargeable at the prevailing hourly rate.

Substantial alterations to the copy which were not originally briefed or quoted for shall be charged for at the prevailing hourly rate. Similarly, changes to any other elements I manage, such as design or video production, will be charged at the supplier’s hourly rate plus a 10% handling fee.

If a project is quoted, confirmed, booked in and scheduled, and is then withdrawn, I reserve the right to charge 50% the agreed fee to compensate for the loss of any other work I turned down because I had booked in your work. 

Copyright on promotional copy and designs or artwork is retained by me until the invoice for that work has been paid, at which point copyright is assigned to you. 

I reserve the right to discuss, display and link to the completed project in marketing materials and case studies, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Payment is not contingent on results. I cannot guarantee:

You accept that you have full responsibility, and I have no responsibility, for the success or failure of your products or services, and for achieving sales targets or other measures of commercial performance.

However I agree to indemnify you against any claim or damage that can be proven to have resulted directly from implementing my professional advice, and I have professional indemnity insurance to cover this.

I will treat all details of consultancy work undertaken for you as confidential, and ensure the same for any third party contractors I manage on your behalf.

If you are unable or unwilling to meet interim deadlines, subsequent deadlines shall be moved back on a day-for-day basis unless rescheduled by mutual agreement.

From time to time I may work for organisations or companies in similar or related markets to yours. If I have a prior retainer contract with you, I will check with you before taking on any projects that could create a conflict of interest.  

Updated March 2021