How the internet can improve your copy

A FREE guide to the apps you need to spice up your writing

The internet is packed with apps, add-ons and extensions which promise to check your spelling, improve your grammar and find other words for ‘enable’.

I’ve spent years bookmarking online tools I use consistently when writing copy and need to find more imaginative and effective ways of saying things.

Along with a few suggestions from my network of professional copywriters and tech geeks, I’ve gathered the best ones together in this concise guide to 28 of the internet’s sneakiest writing secrets.

From checking your spelling to optimising your copy for Google search, there’s something for anyone who writes because they love it, because it’s how they earn their living, or because their boss has told them to.

Did I mention it’s FREE? What are you waiting for?

28 of the internet’s sneakiest writing secrets

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